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Love Story Laundry Soap

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Scent - Faith


Luxury laundry detergent is just the thing to spice up your laundry routine. Use one tablespoon as a scent booster or two tablespoons as a detergent alone giving 64 servings as booster or 32 as a detergent alone.

Safe for H.E. machines.

All fragrances are skin safe; however if irritation occurs, discontinue use. 

FAITH: The most luxurious scent begins with citrus then opens up to jasmine and lily, and ends with amber and musk.

FIREFLY: Lush tropics, sugared oranges, and mellow lime create an exotic, fresh and fruity aroma.

DRAMA QUEEN: Fresh, feminine, and luscious scent completed by delicious fruits and complex florals completed by the secret ingredient-- chocolate! 



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